Should I Leave My Heat Pump on All The Time

Should I Leave My Heat Pump on All The Time Are you wondering whether it’s okay to have your heat pump on all time time? For tips and tricks on how to keep your heat pump working optimally while maintaining a comfortable interior environment for you and your loved ones, stick around as Dunn Heating […]Read More

How do I know if I have a sump pump?

How do I know if I have a sump pump? A sump pump is a specialized tool used to pump extra water away from the foundation of your house to keep it out of your basement. When the water level rises, or there are periods of prolonged rainfall in your area, these circumstances are disastrous […]Read More

Why is my furnace so loud?

Why is my furnace so loud? Like any household appliance, your furnace is likely to make some noise as it operates during the winter. While soft noise isn’t something to worry about, loud, out-of-the-ordinary sounds could mean there is something wrong with your heating system. If you’re a homeowner who’s currently wondering, “Why is my […]Read More

Types of Furnaces

Types of Furnaces Furnaces are a popular choice for many homeowners looking to heat their interiors for an affordable price. That said, what a lot of homeowners don’t know is that there are actually many different types of furnaces available for them to install in their homes. Therefore, if you’re currently thinking about upgrading the […]Read More
Furnace Fan Won’t Turn Off

How Often Should You Change Your Furnace Filter?

How Often Should You Change Your Furnace Filter? Keeping a comfy and cost-effective home can depend even on the smallest details, one of which is the filter in your home’s furnace system. Trust us, as your friendly neighbourhood HVAC experts, we understand how easy it is to overlook a furnace air filter replacement. This raises […]Read More
Furnace Fan Won’t Turn Off

Furnace Fan Won’t Turn Off

Furnace Fan Won’t Turn Off Has that strange noise of your furnace fan running been perpetuated through the day, and even into the night? Is it failing to shut off, even though the temperature in your house is pristine, or despite all its best efforts are you still uncomfortable? There are many reasons why a […]Read More

How long do air conditioners last in Canada

How long do air conditioners last in Canada? During the hot and humid summer days, we count on our air conditioner units to keep us cool and comfortable. But have you ever thought about how long these systems will last in our unique climate? Dunn Heating and Air Conditioning are here to walk you through […]Read More

How does a heat pump work in winter? 

How does a heat pump work in winter? Heating your home to your level of comfort can be especially challenging during the wintertime, which is why many homeowners opt to install heat pumps in their homes. But what is a heat pump, and how does it work in the winter? These are common questions we […]Read More

Heat pump vs air conditioning

Heat pump vs air conditioning Although Canada is known for its chilly winters, in more recent years, the summer season has become warmer, causing homeowners to necessitate installing cooling systems into their properties. But, with so many options available, it can be challenging to choose the suitable unit for their homes. If this is something […]Read More

Are heat pumps energy efficient?

Are heat pumps energy efficient? Energy efficiency plays a significant role in whether homeowners can sufficiently cool and heat their homes while saving money. So, are heat pumps energy efficient? This is often a common question homeowners have when it comes time to upgrade their HVAC units. Therefore, the team at Dunn Heating and Air […]Read More

Are heat pumps worth it in Canada?

Are heat pumps worth it in Canada? Is it worthwhile to invest in heat pumps in Canada? It’s a question that many homeowners consider when deciding on heating and cooling systems. Finding an efficient and dependable heating and cooling solution is critical in Canada’s vast expanse, where temperatures can plummet to frigid lows in winter […]Read More

What is a heat pump, and how does it work?

What is a heat pump, and how does it work? A heat pump is an ingenious system that transfers heat from one location to another. Instead of producing heat, as traditional systems do, it draws heat from the outside air and transfers it into your home. It accomplishes this through the use of a unique […]Read More
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The Canadian Buyer’s Guide to Air Conditioners: Dunn Edition

The Canadian Buyer’s Guide to Air Conditioners: Dunn Edition Find the most cost-effective, energy-efficient air conditioning system for your home. Sure, we’re known for our winter weather.  But summers in Waterloo, and Ontario’s tri-cities are a haze of hot, humid heat that can hit hard as soon as you step out the door.  That’s why […]Read More
Why Replace Your Rented Water Heater with an Owned Tankless?

Why Replace Your Rented Water Heater With An Owned Tankless?

Replace Your Rented Water Heater With An Owned Tankless Why hot water heater rental may not be as cost-effective as you think. “It’s boring, but essential.” That pretty much covers how most homeowners feel about the topic of water heater rental, and whether or not the finer details of that contract are worth the weight […]Read More
7 Signs You Need a New Furnace Now

7 Signs You Need a New Furnace Now

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Don’t Let the Roast of Christmas Past Clog Your Drain

Don’t Let the Roast of Christmas Past Clog Your Drain A Christmas dinner spent around the table with friends and family is festive and warm: meals of mouthwatering turkey with stuffing, buttery mashed potatoes, thick gravy, and tangy cranberry sauce – the most wonderful time of the year, indeed!  However, a clogged kitchen drain can make the holidays much less merry due to FOG (Fats, Oil and Grease), which are by-products of cooking.   Read […]Read More

Give the Gift of Home Comfort for Christmas This Year!

Give the Gift of Home Comfort for Christmas This Year! A Brand New Furnace & AC: The Perfect Christmas Combo A new furnace may not be the first thing that comes to mind as a Christmas gift for someone on your list – it’s a big-ticket item, but one that will be appreciated for decades […]Read More
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Upgrade, Bundle & Save on Your New Home Heating and Cooling System

Upgrade, Bundle & Save on Your New HVAC System The benefits of investing in a 2-in-1 home comfort solution. Worried about your furnace making it through the bulk of the winter? Concerns about your air conditioner failing to kick on when the hazy summer heat starts to seep in? Home heating and cooling systems aren’t […]Read More

Supply Chain Scarcity: What If I Need to Buy a New Furnace?

What If I Need to Buy a New Furnace? We can thank the pandemic for supply chain issues in Canada, including laptop and car shortages—oh, and bathroom tissue! With scarcity like this, what to do if your family needs to buy a new furnace? Could a Canadian family really go the entire winter without heat? […]Read More
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Dunn’s New Home Furnace Buying Checklist

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Who Needs a Protection Plan, Anyway?

Who Needs a Protection Plan, Anyway? We thought we would skip the furnace protection plan, my husband and I, when we purchased our first home.  We were young and poor, we thought.  What could happen, we thought? What happened, exactly, was the need to replace the most expensive part of our furnace—out of pocket. The furnace guy seemed sorry to have to charge […]Read More

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in the Home

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in the Home Why Your Older Furnace May Be a Health Risk If you suspect carbon monoxide poisoning or a leak from your furnace, evacuate everyone from your home immediately.  Then contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency service.  A technician came by my home to examine my furnace for a carbon monoxide leak. “Having a CO […]Read More

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) & Coronavirus Covid-19

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) & Covid-19 The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many homeowners to re-think indoor air quality.  After all, the Covid-19 virus spreads through droplets and aerosols—and people who are indoors or in enclosed spaces close to one another, are particularly at risk. Washing hands, sanitizing surfaces, wearing face masks and keeping 2 metres apart have defined our COVID pandemic behaviour. But what happens when a visitor […]Read More

Why Buying a Furnace Is Better Than Renting a Furnace

Why Buying a Furnace Is Better Than Renting One To buy a furnace or to rent a furnace?   A technician comes to your house and gives you the news no homeowner ever wants to hear: the furnace is on its last legs, or even worse, broken.  Once the shock sets in, you ponder that replacing that older furnace could […]Read More
Drawing of man pointing at giant thermostat to indicate indoor air quality

Is Your Home’s Indoor Air Clean?

Is Your Home’s Indoor Air Clean? Find out what contaminants you and your family could be breathing in at home and the impact they can have on your health. You may not be able to see them, but the average house is a perfect petri dish for a whole host of dangerous pollutants that many of us breathe in every day without knowing it.  […]Read More
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Dunn Heating New Home Furnace Buying Guide

Kitchener Waterloo Furnace Buying Guide Expert Information on Home Heating Costs, Energy Efficiency, Installation & More for Kitchener-Waterloo and the Surrounding Areas Homeowners Cost | Efficiency | When to Invest & What to Look for | Installation Owning a home comes with countless responsibilities, one of which is the ability to adequately heat your interior […]Read More
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What Should You Expect To Pay To Replace Your Air Conditioner?

What Should You Expect To Pay To Replace Your A/C? So, the summer months are on their way, and you just found out your air conditioner is no longer up for the challenge anymore and will need a replacement. Especially for Waterloo’s more humid climate, an air conditioner is almost mandatory for a lot of […]Read More
couple relaxing on couch with arms behind their heads

The Ideal Air Conditioner Maintenance Schedule

The Ideal Air Conditioner Maintenance Schedule Your air conditioner is developed to withstand the vast majority of what Mother Nature can throw at it, but this doesn’t mean you can ignore it year-round. As with all home appliances, routine maintenance checks are mandatory for not only long life-spans but for saving you boat-loads of money […]Read More
Blue burner on a home furnace

How to Save Money on Your Heating Bill

How to Save Money on Your Heating Bill Heating bills can soar during cold winters, and that’s money you can’t recover. If you’re ready to start saving money, we can shed some light on what you can do for lower bills this winter. Our experts can agree on a collection of best practices based on […]Read More
Mom working from home during COVID-19 being interrupted by 2 kids.

Your Guide to Protecting Your Home from COVID-19

Your Guide to Protecting Your Home from COVID-19 Now that most of us are spending more time at home, you might be wondering how you can protect your home from COVID-19. In addition to following government recommendations like physical distancing and frequent handwashing, there might be other ways you can stay safe. Although research is […]Read More
technician evaluating a hot water heater

7 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Water Heater

7 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Water Heater Your water heater is probably not something you think about until something goes wrong. Then one day, you go to hop in a nice warm shower and get hit with an icy blast instead. You wait for a few minutes for the water to warm up; […]Read More

Tankless vs. Traditional Water Heaters: Your Guide to Choosing the Right Option

Whether traditional or tankless, a water heater is an essential appliance for any Canadian home. It is also one of the hardest-working: from laundry to tackling a sink full of dirty dishes, your family depends on a reliable daily supply of hot water.  Unfortunately, water heaters do not last forever. And when the time comes […]Read More
woman running her hands under warm water

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Water Heaters

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Water Heaters Water heaters are something you likely don’t think about a lot until you can’t get any hot water. Just like your furnace or other home appliances, however, it’s important to think about (and check on) your water heater regularly. What is a Water Heater? As the […]Read More
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The Waterluvian’s Guide to Home Heating: Furnaces, Heat Pumps, & More

The Waterluvian’s Guide to Home Heating As we all know, Waterloo isn’t exactly known for tropical weather and beautiful sunshine. Waterloo is as Canadian as it comes with a yearly average temperature of 8.4oC. Naturally, you are going to need a heating system built to last and will keep you cozy throughout the entire year. […]Read More


Benefits Of Having An Ongoing HVAC Service Plan Every homeowner should have a preventative maintenance plan to protect their home’s HVAC equipment. Yes, there is a cost associated, but the peace of mind you’ll gain, along with many other benefits, makes it well worth it. Here we’ll explain what’s included in a typical HVAC service […]Read More


Choosing The Right Air Conditioning Repair Service Nothing is more frustrating than your air conditioner failing to work in the middle of a heat wave. When your air conditioning needs repair, it’s important to keep a cool head. What should you look for in an air conditioning repair service to ensure you get quality repairs […]Read More
Family enjoying the winter playing in the snow

Preparing Your Furnace for Winter

Preparing Your Furnace for Winter How Do You Prepare You Furnace for Winter? Furnace maintenance is the best way to prepare your furnace for the long winters in Waterloo. Regular maintenance helps keep your furnace safe and improves efficiency. A maintenance check by a professional can spot any issues early, including potential gas or carbon […]Read More
mother and son trying to stay warm in a cold room at home

How Your Home Loses Heat

How Your Home Loses Heat Winter is officially upon us, which means that your furnace is working hard to keep your family warm and comfortable. You’ve likely already taken steps to prepare your furnace for winter, but creating enough heat to warm your home is only half the battle: you also need to minimize heat […]Read More
questioning air quality in your home

The Significance of Good Indoor Air Quality

The Significance of Good Indoor Air Quality Air quality can be hard to get right, but it’s even harder to live without it. Outdoor air quality can present large scale problems that don’t have simple solutions. But indoor air quality can be very manageable. That means making sure that the air you breathe in your […]Read More
a furnace leaking water through a closed door

Why is My Furnace Leaking?

Why Is My Furnace Leaking? There are several reasons a furnace might leak. From condensation to clogs, many things can lead to a puddle of water on your furnace room floor. To help determine the cause of your leak, and the steps you should take, you first need to decide which type of liquid is […]Read More


Fall Is The Perfect Time For A Furnace Check Up As the summer comes to a close and fall and winter approach, homeowners need to start thinking about preparing their homes for the colder months. This can include protecting plants, outdoor water sources, closing pools, checking home insulation and ensuring that furnaces are in top […]Read More


What Furnace Is Right For Your Home? When buying a new furnace, homeowners are usually looking for the best value for their money. Generally they’re trying to find a combination of quality, dependability, efficiency to minimize usage costs, and a reasonable price tag. Here are some things to consider when buying a new furnace. What […]Read More


Wifi Controlled Thermostats: How Do They Work? While many electronic devices in our lives are replaced often and it can feel like a task to keep up with them, some are more permanent. Thermostats are one of the latter. While the technology is advancing quickly, their installed hardware nature means that homeowners typically like to […]Read More


How To Know If My Furnace Filter Needs Replacement Understanding the signs indicating your furnace filter needs to be replaced can save you money on repairs or the cost of replacing the unit completely. Knowing what to look for when you examine your furnace filter, and watching for symptoms around the home can also keep […]Read More


Why You Should Consider A Furnace Maintenance Plan To help ensure the efficiency of your furnace and to minimize unwanted yet preventable repairs, getting regular and seasonal tune-ups is a great idea, but even with the best of care, your furnace can run into occasional operating problems. Normal aging, typical wear and tear, and a […]Read More


Your Furnace Shouldn’t Go “Bump” In The Night Learn to recognize noises that could indicate furnace problems Your furnace is critical to keep your home comfortable during the cold winter months, but it is easy to forget about it when it is working properly. If it starts making strange noises, however, it is time to […]Read More


HOW TO DEAL WITH FLUCTUATING HEATING BILLS When the weather outside is frightful, a spike in your heating costs can be just as scary. Large heating bills can negatively affect your monthly budget, and it is even worse when your usage fluctuates. Regardless of whether your home is heated by natural gas, electric, or radiant […]Read More


Signs That You Need A New Furnace Knowing how to tell when your aging furnace has reached the end of its life can be difficult, but the last thing you want is to find out in the middle of winter when heating your home is a necessity. If your furnace is 10-years-old or more, you […]Read More


The Benefits Of A Whole-Home Humidifier The cozy warmth of home is an essential need when you’re stuck in the icy grip of a Canadian winter. Unfortunately, your home’s heating system can also be the cause of dry throats, skin, and hair. Forced-air central heating systems re-heat the air in your home multiple times throughout […]Read More


Furnace Repair Questions: Learn Today To Prevent Tomorrow It always seems to happen in the dead of winter when the temperatures are at their lowest: your furnace breaks down and you have no heat. If you’re in this position, you have to act quickly and get a heating and ventilation technician to your home as […]Read More


Top 10 Tips For A Healthier Home There’s no place like home – right? Where we live should be a safe haven for raising our children, spent time with friends and family, as well as take time to enjoy ourselves. As Canadians, it is estimated that we spend about 90% of our time indoors; however, […]Read More


What To Look For In A HVAC Contractor Buying a new heating or cooling system for your home can be a daunting task. Your first step is to choose the right contractor. We’ve compiled a list of suggestions from some of the top trusted experts around to make your decision easier. EnergyStar says: Expect a […]Read More


Heat Pumps In Waterloo What is a heat pump and is it right for my home? A heat pump, put simply, is an electrical device that extracts heat from one place and transfers it to another. During cooler months, it will move heat still present in outdoor air, into your home. During warmer months, the […]Read More


Is Your Air Conditioner Ready For Summer? Finally, the warm temperatures are upon us. If you haven’t already started running your air conditioner, there are a few things you may want to consider to ensure everything is working properly and efficiently. Here are some tips on how to get your AC ready for summer and […]Read More


The Inside Scoop On Hot & Cold Spots What are hot & cold spots? A difference in temperature throughout your home. When one area of your room is hotter or cooler than the rest. What are the signs? When many rooms throughout your home are a different temperature. For example, upstairs rooms are warmer, downstairs […]Read More